Why Do Your Diets Fail?

Why do your diets fail? Are you constantly trying different “faddy” diets? Never seem to make it to the end? We have discussed in previous posts about the common thought that two thirds of British people are on a diet “most of the time”, but why do diets fail?

Time to shatter another myth! Why do your diets fail? They don’t! The truth is that diets don’t fail, it’s the people that fail. The hardest parts of a diet are changing bad habits and sticking to a plan. Fail in these and we are quick to blame the diet as a fail.

Why Do Your Diets Fail?

Why do your diets fail? Let’s get some of the headline reasons out of the way:

  • Unrealistic Expectations – Rome wasn’t built in a day and your diet is no different. A realistic time-scale and program is crucial to your success
  • Lack of Willpower – It takes great discipline and willpower at the beginning of a program. The first days are always the most likely time to “give-in” and revert to your previous lifestyle  
  • Mixed Goals – Weight gain, weight loss, muscle definition, strength, conditioning and other goals. A clear understanding of what you want will help you to map-out your pathway and plan
  • Fad Diets – Short-term, unsustainable diets will not create a change of habits and once completed the temptation to return to old diets will be overwhelming
  • Understanding Nutrition – the food we eat fuels our bodies. Understanding what our bodies need is crucial to developing a balanced, nutritional diet
  • Correct Exercise – An exercise plan, designed specificallyfor you will help achieve the body shape set in your goals
  • Support – encouragement, motivation, praise, reprimand, accountability – all parts of a successful program. The right support will help you achieve your goals
Why Do Your Diets Fail?

Wirral based Lisa Nuttall has a long history in the health and nutrition industry, working with a proven range of nutritional products from the Forever range. She has developed a complete health, wellness and nutrition package centred around the F.I.T. program that can help cleanse the body, provide a nutritional weight management program and ensure that all essential vitamins and minerals are present, providing everything needed to look better and feel better.

Lisa will work with you and develop your own, bespoke program that can lead to an improved lifestyle through introducing a healthier diet, a suitable fitness cycle and to create an overall lift in your mental wellbeing by feeling fitter and healthier.

Why Do Your Diets Fail?

What have you got to lose? If you are in the Wirral area, why not give Lisa a ring and discuss how she can help you end your failed diets and yo-yo weight!

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Why Do Your Diets Fail?

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