Preseason Training for Wirral Sports

Preseason Training for Wirral Sports

Do you play any form of sport? Football, rugby, hockey, tennis, golf, cycling, triathlon, sailing or any other seasonal (or non-seasonal) sports? Do you live on Wirral or train on Wirral? How do you make sure that you stay fit in the “closed” season and ensure that your body is ready to take on the challenge of a season ahead? You may even take part in sport all year round; requiring a greater level of fitness and nutritional balance to make sure you stay fit, healthy and at the top of your game. Lisa Nuttall is a specialist sports and nutritional coach, offering in season and preseason training for Wirral sports people.

Preseason Training for Wirral Sports

Wirral based Lisa Nuttall has an extensive history in training athletes from across many different sports. She has developed a complete health, wellness, fitness and nutrition package, working with you to develop your own, bespoke program that can lead to improved fitness, performance and lifestyle. The program is ideal for preseason training for Wirral sports individuals and teams, with subtle changes made during the season to maintain performance. The programs focus on various items such as:

  • Setting clear fitness goals
  • Creating a bespoke training program
  • Creating a bespoke nutritional support program
  • Helping to develop Core strength
  • Helping prevent injuries
  • Techniques to aid body recovery following sporting activities

Preseason Training for Wirral Sports

A correct diet is essential for any sportsperson, with many professional and non-professional athletes not realising the impact on performance through poor diet. Poor diet and nutrition can undo and even work against training regimes, preventing the body from improving and recovering correctly. Lisa Nuttall will help guide you through the minefield of a good, balanced diet, helping you to kick out high-fat foods, deep fried food and alcohol (to name a few!).

Preseason Training for Wirral Sports

If you are a Wirral based athlete or play sport at your own level, you will see the difference with a training program designed for you, working together with a nutritionally balanced diet. If you’d like to hear more, contact Lisa Nuttall to discuss how she can help you meet your sporting goals and objectives.


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Preseason Training for Wirral Sports

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