Landfill Geotechnical Design Specialist

Landfill can be an area of land that is used to dispose of waste materials, either on top of the ground or by filling an unwanted hole in the ground. The materials that are sent to landfill have changed over the years and strict legislation governs what can and cannot be sent to landfill. What is crucial to any landfill site is that a Landfill Geotechnical Design Specialist oversees the design, filling and future of any site.

Landfill Geotechnical Design Specialist

Landfill usually contains both household and commercial rubbish, household being mainly food, cardboard paper and wood…organic materials and commercial waste such as bricks, rubble and soil…inert waste. The way this rubbish reacts and affects the surrounding areas requires the services of a Landfill Geotechnical Design Specialist to ensure that relevant legislation is maintained.

Landfill Geotechnical Design Specialist

Organic waste can produce by-products such as gas and leachate, an acidic liquid produced by decaying rubbish. Gas and leachate need to be managed correctly to ensure that the toxic gas and leachate does not contaminate the adjoining ground or streams and water-table. A Landfill Geotechnical Design Specialist will ensure that the design of the landfill site manages the leachate and gas in accordance with current legislation.

The overall construction and management of a landfill site will ensure that the construction and filling is a safe process and provides long-term stability of the site area. This will ensure that any settlement in the ground is managed safely and the overall design prevents land movement or landslip. A Landfill Geotechnical Design Specialist will design a landfill site considering a wide range of factors, from the composition of the current site, to the settlement of the future contents, from the design of the liner to the removal of the leachate.

Landfill Geotechnical Design Specialist

Alan Binns, Director of Plough Geotechnical Ltd, is a Landfill Geotechnical Design Specialist and works with landfill sites to ensure they are fit-for-purpose and meet current legislation requirements. Amongst the services Plough Geotechnical Ltd provide are:

  • Initial void design – including safe angles of excavation
  • Liner design – including veneer stability analyses
  • Leachate systems – including chimneys and their foundations
  • Capping – including stability analysis, venting and future use strategies
  • Regulator liaison – informing the authorities of geotechnical issues and working with them to agree swift approval of proposed solutions

Alan has been designing landfills for over twenty years, accumulating vast experience and proven skills that you can bring to bear to ensure your project is a success. Alan has studied landfills in incredible detail, concentrating on stability issues, so you can count on his designs and calculations to deliver the stable structure you need.

Landfill Geotechnical Design Specialist

Plough Geotechnical Ltd are a Wirral based team of Geotechnical engineers, providing specialist Geotechnical services and can act as an expert Geotechnical witness should things go wrong in the future.

Contact Alan at Plough Geotechnical Ltd for an initial, informal chat about how you may be able to work together.

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Landfill Geotechnical Design Specialist

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