Highways Geotechnical Design Specialist

Designing, creating and repairing the highways networks is crucial to the efficiency and performance of our roads. Our roads face a wide variety of structures, land conditions and environments and we expect our road network to cope with whatever stands in its way. From local roads, A-roads, dual-carriageways and motorways, the demand on the road network is increasing all the time.

It is essential that our roads are constructed and maintained to the highest standard to avoid costly repair and surface delays. A Highways geotechnical design specialist can help to ensure that the ground your roads run over run through are fit-for-purpose and will not be the reason for these unwanted and unforeseen costly delays.

Alan Binns, Director of Plough Geotechnical Ltd, is a highways geotechnical design specialist and works with businesses to ensure roads and highways remain stable and safe, regardless of the environment and ground. His team provide expert guidance, advice and designs, in-line with current legislation. Amongst the services Plough Geotechnical Ltd provide are:

  • Initial investigation – including geotechnical analysis of soil and rocks
  • Cutting and embankment design – including safe slopes and approved angles of excavation to avoid compromising the roads and highways
  • Groundwater control – including road drainage design and drainage of adjacent slopes
  • Road and Highway foundation specification – including the thickness and composition of the road foundation layers
  • Detailed maintenance inspections – supporting Highway engineers in finding and solving problems
  • Highways Agency Compliance – helping to interpret and comply with the official standards and specifications
Highways Geotechnical Design Specialist

Director of Plough Geo, Alan Binns has been working with roads and highways since the start of his career and has been called upon by the Highways Agency to act as an expert witness, from road surface issues, such as road ripples on the M62, to roadside problems, such as slope failures that impact the roadway.

Plough Geotechnical Ltd are a Wirral based team of Geotechnical engineers, providing specialist Geotechnical services and act as an expert Geotechnical witness should things go wrong in the future.

Highways Geotechnical Design Specialist

Contact Alan at Plough Geotechnical Ltd for an initial, informal chat about how you may be able to work together.

Tel: 0151 353 1730

Mob: 07957 659 819

Email: info@ploughgeo.co.uk


Highways Geotechnical Design Specialist

Unrivalled Understanding of Geotechnical Issues

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