Failed Diets and Yo-Yo Weight

Have you stuck to your diet? Made yourself promises to manage your diet more closely? Worried that you are being tempted by nutritional “sins”? Are you fed-up with struggling to achieve your correct weight, be it losing weight or gaining weight? Have you got a history of failed diets and yo-yo weight?

Failed Diets and Yo-Yo Weight

There is a common thought that two thirds of British people are on a diet “most of the time” and most people automatically feel that when on a diet they are depriving themselves of the foods they really want! This is not a good start and often leads to two out of every five people quitting a diet within 7 days! Creating healthy habits can help you prevent failed diets and yo-yo weight gain or weight loss.

Wirral based Lisa Nuttall has a long history in the health and nutrition industry, working with a proven range of nutritional products from the Forever range. She has developed a complete health, wellness and nutrition package centred around the F.I.T. program that can help cleanse the body, provide a nutritional weight management program and ensure that all essential vitamins and minerals are present, providing everything needed to look better and feel better.

Failed Diets and Yo-Yo Weight

Lisa will work with you and develop your own, bespoke program that can lead to an improved lifestyle through introducing a healthier diet, a suitable fitness cycle and to create an overall lift in your mental wellbeing by feeling fitter and healthier.

To support your diet, fitness and well-being in one package, Lisa will provide you with personal support (Lisa is not a gym-based personal trainer) and amongst other support will give you:

  • Full range of health and wellness products
  • Range of nutritional and weight management products
  • Fitness and exercise video
  • Healthy and nutritional recipes
  • Recipe videos
  • Smartphone app to monitor and help progress
  • One-to-one support
  • Business opportunities
Failed Diets and Yo-Yo Weight

What have you got to lose? If you are in the Wirral area, why not give Lisa a ring and discuss how she can help you end your failed diets and yo-yo weight!

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Failed Diets and Yo-Yo Weight

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