Do You Want to Grow Your Business?

Do you want to grow your business? Want to build meaningful relationships with great people? Want to develop your business skills? What about building your business network? Looking for quality meetings with quality professionals? BNI Merseyside is part of the worlds leading business networking and referral organisation and can help your business to grow and build a brighter future.

Do You Want to Grow Your Business?

Throughout the world, business professionals help each other to grow their businesses, working to the principal of Givers Gain by passing each other, qualified business referrals. BNI passed over 8.8 million referrals last year, resulting in more than $11.2billion in business. Do you want to grow your business?

Do You Want to Grow Your Business?

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In the Merseyside Region last year, members passed each other in excess of £25Million worth of invoiced business for each other. There is a friendly group of business people waiting to meet you in your area, willing to welcome you to BNI Merseyside. And introduce you to the benefits of BNI which include:

  • Increase Business Prospects: You’ll substantially increase your business through referrals.
  • Professional Development: You’ll have access to our exclusive training programs and opportunities to sharpen your presentation and business skills.
  • Great Networking Opportunities: Your participation in up to 50 networking meetings per year will increase your exposure to many other business professionals in your community.
  • Exclusive Member Resources: You’ll have access to a range of tools and educational materials on networking, public speaking and business best-practices.

Do You Want to Grow Your Business?

The best way to find out about BNI is to visit a chapter and see how the meetings generate this level of business. BNI operates a one business per category policy, so it is important to find a chapter where your business category is vacant, where you can promote your business as a visitor.

Do You Want to Grow Your Business?

For more details about BNI Merseyside and what to expect from a BNI meeting, please visit our website here

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