Couch to 5K and More with Lisa Nuttall

Are you fed up with being a couch potato? Looking to get a little fitter but haven’t got the motivation? Do you fancy a go at a “Tough Mudder” or another fun-run event on Wirral? Maybe you want to raise money for a deserving charity and you need to get fit to do so. You may even have your sights set a little higher and looking to do 10k or a marathon. Make sure you meet your goals, targets, couch to 5k and more with Lisa Nuttall and her bespoke personal training program.

Couch to 5K and More with Lisa Nuttall

Wirral based Lisa Nuttall has extensive experience in helping people with their health, wellness, fitness, diet and nutrition and can help you get off the couch and become more active. She can work with you, whatever your goals and condition to develop a personal program that can lead to improved fitness, performance and lifestyle. The program is ideal for any individual, regardless of fitness levels, who want to get more active and wants to change their current, sedentary lifestyle.

Couch to 5K and More with Lisa Nuttall

She can help you with:

  • Setting clear fitness goals
  • Creating a bespoke training program
  • Creating a bespoke nutritional support program
  • Helping to develop Core strength
  • Helping prevent injuries
  • Techniques to aid body recovery following sporting activities

Couch to 5K and More with Lisa Nuttall

It is vitally important that balanced and staged exercise program is adopted, helping to prevent injury and to ensure that the change in lifestyle and rates of exercise are in line with your body and current health status. To complement the increase in exercise, Lisa will develop a diet and nutrition program to ensure that all elements of your lifestyle change, blend together to give you the maximum benefit and success rate.

Couch to 5K and More with Lisa Nuttall


If you are a Wirral based and you’d like to hear more, contact Lisa Nuttall to discuss how she can help you meet your new fitness goals and objectives.

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Couch to 5K and More with Lisa Nuttall

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